Various Artists - Join The Ritual (Coloured)


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Catalogue number : JAG403LPC1


Track Listing:

Spencer Krug - "Red Dress" (Jad Fair)

The Besnard Lakes - "Good Morning, Captain" (Slint)

They Hate Change - "The Seeming and The Meaning" (Stereolab)

Angel Olsen - "Cold Blooded Old Times" (Smog)

Bruce Hornsby - "Feel The Pain" (Dinosaur Jr.)

Jamila Woods - "Fast Car" (Tracy Chapman)

Nap Eyes - "Car" (Built to Spill)

S. Carey - "Weight of Water" (Low)

Pink Mountaintops - "The Concept" (Teenage Fanclub)

Cut Worms - "One For The Catholic Girls" (Simon Joyner)

Okay Kaya - "Nightswimming" (R.E.M.)